Welcome to IMGL Productions!

Welcome to IMGL Productions!

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This is a significant day for us, It Might Get Loud Productions, Toni & Ron. We are proud to present: The release of our first audio plugin, KVLT Drums, and our website! This all has happened really fast, altho the work began all the way from 2012.

In that time, Ron Produced the drum samples, during a studio session in a sauna, in wastelands of Finland. After that the samples almost got forgotten, just waiting for the right moment.


Bassdrum in recordings. Sauna quality!

Piccolo snare. Guess the genre?

The moment happened about 3 months ago. Ron wanted to create the drum sampler, but needed someone for the programming, since, Ron’s not a nerd. Well, I am. And I got interested instantly, but it took some time to mentally prepare for the challenge; I didn’t know C++ that was needed.

So after a mental victory of myself I coded the plugin and the basis for the website. It all took around 3 months of non-stop work, from day to night and to day again. Really all I did was sleep, eat, some family business and code.

And the outcome of our hard work can be seen around the site. I did the programming, but Ron did the samples and wrote lots of content, has got some great, unique ideas and manages the marketing like a boss!

That’s a prologue, in short, for us, IMGL!

So what is KVLT Drums, our first product?

KVLT Drums user interface

It’s a midi drum sampler. The sounds are produced for black metal and punk in mind. They’re dry, raw, maybe even lo-fi, but perfect for mixing. Because they’re dry sounds, you can do lots with them. True, you’ll need some know-how to do it, but in the end, you can TRULY mix these drums to fit your song. And I dare to say that you can fit them to more genres than just metal or punk.

They’re also very realistic, as they have almost a thousand velocity-based samples. You’ll have left and right hand articulations for the snare, cymbal chokes and stuff like that. You can actually do a snare roll just giving them some really fast notes with low velocity, and it sounds great! That’s what I’m so impressed about. It’s the first time I started to think how to actually play real drums, while composing my drum track in midi! So this product can actually develop you as a musician and a mixing engineer in different ways! It will give your songs a realism boost! People probably have hard time guessing were they real drums or not!

The first week, we’ll give you 30% discount when you share our page during the checkout! There’s a button for it, so just go ahead and buy KVLT Drums already!

What about the blog & other channels?

But we’re not just about selling our stuff. What I’m actually looking forward is sharing our own knowledge on all things related to music, to art, even on being a human. That all contributes to the final outcome: being an artist and a producer of great content.

I do encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter, youtube or social media, to see what we’re up to, and get some valuable knowledge, tips, art and of course, keep a watch of our future products too!

a warm welcome to you all!




Toni & Ron,
It Might Get Loud Productions

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