Can a drum sampler be trve kvlt?

Can a drum sampler be trve kvlt?

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It’s SOFTWARE! I got some critique about that. To embrace the issue, I’ve got some fun facts about the production:

  • The plugin was coded during the black nights of Finland, and head bashing to the wall was maintained throughout the whole project.
  • As you all might already know, the sounds were recorded in a wooden sauna, in Finland. Now what you might not know is that the sauna was so small, the whole kit didn’t fit in it at once. Thus, the samples suffer some claustrophoby. Dark, suffocationg, agonising sounds were recorded.
  • The sauna included a Harvia stove, that you probably can hear in the samples, a metallic quality in the little ambience there is.
  • The “Zilbel” heard among the samples is actually a cast iron sausage pan!
  • The minichina is a HARVIA STOVE’S TOP COVER! Imagine that! They sound very ok, and include some trve kvlt, so why not!
  • You might hear a mosquito buzz in some ride cymbal sample. It was a midsummer in Finland. There are mosquitoes everywhere. No way avoiding it!

Ok enough. It’s just great! I didn’t participate in the recording session back then, so I can say that much about the samples, they sounds like pretty kvlt to me.

Some trve kvlt drums.

A producing hell


If we continue with a bit more towards the general idea, we’ll find the same arguments all over the place. Producers use all the neat tricks available to create a bestseller, because the money is that matters. There might be some, who dont do “overproducing”, and they are either poor guys with great attitude and the knowledge that they’ll never become popular and are fine with it, or rich enough so they can do whatever they want. This is generalization and sure, doesn’t always be true, but most of the time it is.

But this whole overproducing or “being true” is not so straight-forward as most would think. If it is, where do you cross the line? The line is personal, for each individual. Most would say that recording vocals with hundreds of takes to create “that perfect take” from tiny bits and pieces to a solid “performance”, would be “producing”. Or that an mixing engineer would use autotune to clean up the vocal track. Or that the vocals would include compression, reverb, EQ, chorus, all sorts of cool effects. But how many effects are acceptable? Just Reverb? Just compression? Just a tiny bit of compression? And what about the recording equipment. Would it not be producing to record in a 100k$ studio instead of in someone’s garage? The line gets blurry. But this is not enough.

If singing a thousand takes in studio is producing, isn’t practicing a song a million times be producing too to polish each note to the best option? What about producing the composition of a song? I know a friend who chooses carefully EACH NOTE he writes. wouldn’t that be producing as is mixing of many takes and applying loads of effects and corrections to the recording. You see, during composing, you can do whatever you want and really polish the result beforehand. You could compose a song for 10 years and then go record it within another 10 years. THAT would be producing!

Some definitely not trve musician ruining your song. WEARING A BLOUSE!?

But just look at the term. “Produce” just means to create something. That’s it. There’s art in all of what’s done. A great mixing engineer creates incredible mixes that cut through stone walls and make your ears sing a song that blows your mind.. A Producer, not always just in it for the money, might actually have creative ideas how to get the most out of the song. A poor singer might deliver a great performance, even if it’s cut from many pieces. He’s still sung all the parts. And even if it’s a robot singing, someday, then it’s an art of science.


So what is art and what is not?

I say it’s about fullfilment and enjoyment. If that someone who creates a perfect autotune track, does it for the cheer joy of doing it, and feels inspired, then it’s art. Art is expression. The day robots do our music without human ever touching it(and it’s happened already actually) we have to start pondering is there an AI who expresses itself. And does it count as human feelings and thoughts count. That’s another subject anyway.

Until then, I say, don’t feel bad about using plugins or digital effects and tricks to get things done. It’s just a nother tool in the toolbox. You have to be true to yourself, and that’s about it. Or… How do you feel? Let us know in the comments!

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