Musicians, call to arms!

Musicians, call to arms!

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We’ve got two customers already who have done music with our plugin, sent to us. This really is awesome! I feel myself that I’ve created something useful that brings joy to the people. It really is the best feeling! This differs fundamentally from being just a paid worker of a company, because this is something I, myself, wanted to do, from a sheer joy and interest of doing it. I really didn’t think about it as a business. I made it because I really enjoyed the process of learning to do it, and finally, having the result in my hands.

Pretty much something most of musicians feel when they compose a song and get it recorded. When it’s finally out there.


We’d like to invite ALL of the customers we have to send us their work (that includes using our plugins) from shareable sources like youtube, soundcloud or bandcamp. We will share your work in this blog and do interviews, in social media, maybe in youtube in vlog and if we have any other means to promote your work, we’ll do it! Of course we’ll be mentioning the usage of our plugin too, but it’s a win/win-situation for all parties!

This is because we know as a homestudio producers, that it’s a pain to get your work noticed. Even if it is only for the cheer joy of letting people listen to your work, to share your art. Even if your work is free to listen to. It’s still difficult to get it reach people. Even in this era of internet and free access to almost everywhere in the world.

I do compose too, and I’ve never done any music from which I got paid. I’ve mostly done it for my own satisfaction, but somewhere deep inside, I want people to hear my music, and hope they enjoy hearing it.

We can help you to get people hear your music. We’re not big, yet, but we do the work to share the content we publish. So you’ll definitely get some visibility if you want it!

So, go ahead and send us a message through comments, facebook PM or website contact-form etc! We’ll keep in touch! 🙂

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