Coffee Break Club: Douglas Castro/Darkglass Electronics

Coffee Break Club: Douglas Castro/Darkglass Electronics

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We’re gonna kick off our Coffee Break Club interview series with Douglas Castro, the CEO/Founder of Darkglass Electronics. Darkglass Electronics has become a household name in the bass tone circuit over the past few years and we’re stoked that Doug took time from his busy schedule to give us a shout.
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1. What was the thing that got you into Pedal/Amp designing?
It was a combination of my desire to build something new and a need for something that until I made it didn’t exist (a particular bass sound in my case).

2. What’s your stance on the digital vs analog battle?
I think both have their merits. Almost all music is digital at some point anyways. Unless you’re going full vinyl or cassette tape your instrument and compositions will be inevitably digitalized.

3. Do you think one day software, emulation-hardware etc will surpass the real thing? (E.g Slate’s Virtual Mic System or AxeFX/Kemper etc).
It’s inevitable. I don’t think it’s quite happened yet but if one could make the argument it hasn’t it’s hard to argue that it won’t sooner or later.


4. How do you see the current Music Production scene? The pros the cons, what we might be missing/what we could improve?
I’m really much more connected to musicians than producers… I guess a better platform for running DAWs that doesn’t rely on 2D interfaces (screens) might help a lot.


5. What’s the latest piece of gear (hardware/software/instrument) that made you go bananas?
My Dingwall D-bird prototype!


6. Name one item on your desktop/work area that doesn’t help you with anything but you also can’t get rid off?
A great book probably.

7. If you could give one piece of advice to a youngster who wants a career in the Music Business, what would it be?
Find a new way to contribute. Instead of trying to get a piece of someone else’s pie by replicating what they’ve succeeded at do your own thing. Invent a new market. Go for bigger things. I spend the first 10 years of my career putting limitations on myself without realizing that others do that for you every step of the way. Whether it’s building a better tool for making music or underwater cities, think big and have the courage to have an actual vision, which is to believe in things before others do.

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