2017 Anti Mix-Off

2017 Anti Mix-Off

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It Might Get Loud Productions Proudly Presents: 2017 Anti Mix-Off
Some like their mixes clean and polished and some like their mixes downright dirty.
Since most mixing competitions are about making the song sound as good as possible,
We wanted to do the opposite. Norwegian extreme-metal band Efreeti was kind enough to share the stems of their song “O Starlit Night” with us.

Mix the song “O Starlit Night” by Efreeti. Your job is to make it sound like you got the tape from a tape-trading circuit in the early 90s. 7”, demo, vinyl, cassette, VHS. are all relevant words here.
Re-amp, sound replace, distort, pitch shift, modulate, do whatever you gotta do and use whatever tools you gotta use to make it sound right, as long as you use the provided stems. This doesn’t mean that the end result needs to sound un-listenable, quite the opposite. This is about creating the LoFi feel while enhancing the energy of the song. Tempo of the song is 75 bpm

Top 5 mixes will be selected by Efreeti band and Ron from It Might Get Loud Productions. These mixes will then be delivered to Mike “Gunface” McKenzie (The Red Chord) who will pick the top 3 mixes including the winner.

1st Place = King for a year package for It Might Get Loud Productions (all releases and expansion packs & updates for free until April 1st 2018)
2nd & 3rd Place = KVLT Drums + Black Metal Essentials MIDI bundle

Submit your mix (16bits/44.1KHz filename should be Efreeti_YourName.wav) to mixoff@itmightgetloud.org by April 30th 2017. Winners will be announced on May 5th (this depends on the number of submitted mixes).


You may use these stems for your CV but only if you credit the artist and only after the competition is closed. Stems may not be used for commercial purposes. WAV submissions only, submissions in aiff/mp3 or other compressed format will not be accepted. Incomplete submissions (incomplete song, name missing etc) will also not be accepted. Dropbox/GoogleDrive/Mega etc direct links please. No Soundcloud/Youtube links or email attachments. Top 5 entries will be notified via email if selected for final round. Winners will be notified via email.


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