Artist Spotlight: Adam Bentley

Artist Spotlight: Adam Bentley

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Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Adam Bentley and I am a music producer and mixing engineer. I’m also a guitarist and producer of the band Arch Echo. I have a personal music project called “Absently.”

What is your musical journey, where and when did you start and how did you end up where you are today?

I learned to play guitar at an early age and drums soon followed. I took a sincere interest in how records were made in high school and I was about 19 when I started to write and record on my own. It was a tough start because I had no guidance and no equipment except my laptop. It was a slow and steady climb of experimenting, making little discoveries, posting on forums, and investing wisely – and 8 years later here I am! What are some of your musical highlights? – Last year I released an album under the moniker Absently titled “Open Mind.” It was my first release where I played every role and I’m proud of how it came out. – My band Arch Echo has an album coming out this month, and we have a single out titled “Earthshine” that I also mixed & mastered. – For the past year I have gotten involved in audio mixing tutorials and lessons online via Youtube and I’ve really enjoyed sharing my thoughts on the production & mixing process.

Where can we hear/watch your works?

Check out my Youtube page for tutorials, original tunes, covers, etc.

Other social media platforms:

Follow my band Arch Echo on Facebook!

What kind of musical tools do you use?

Primarily I use my Ibanez RGA7 (loaded with BKP Juggernauts) and a Warwick Corvette Rock Bass for recording. I run those through my AxeFX II (Fractal Audio) and I can’t imagine a more convenient situation. My primary DAW is Studio One by Presonus and I use Pro Tools 11 a great deal as well. My monitors currently are a pair of Yamaha HS5’s but these days I primarily mix on my ATH-M50 Headphones. I use a few drum softwares: GetGood Drums, Toontrack Superior Drummer, and most recently, the Djenthuggah Drums! Fabfilter plug-ins are definitely my go-to, but I also use some Waves as well.


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