Artist Spotlight: Joe Garcia

Artist Spotlight: Joe Garcia

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Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Joe Garcia, I am a drummer, music producer, and mixing engineer. I am known for my time
in I Declare War, my quick precise drumming, and my productions locally. I have a personal music project
called “Atlas” launching this summer. We have dedicated the past year to writing, recording, and
prepping this project to release our debut EP.

What is your musical journey, where and when did you start and how did you end up where you are today?

It all started about the age of 8 years old. I started on snare drum in band class and really enjoyed it.
around 10 I got my first drum kit and started learning and doing everything I could to further my skills.
During my early adult year’s I played in multiple local act’s and became widely known as the guy with the
quick feet. I basically locked myself away and practiced advanced foot techniques for a year until I was ready
to bring it live and the results have taken me all over the world since. Having the reputation I did locally,
naturally word got around and when I was 26 I got contacted by I Declare War as they were in need of a full time
drummer. I jumped at the chance and learned every song in their catalogue before they even got back from their
Australian tour so I was ready for my audition. Everything went exceptionally well and I was asked to join. We started
practicing hard for my first debut tour with I Declare War. That tour was unlike anything I had ever done Co-headliner with
Oceano, with support from The Last Ten Seconds of Life and Barrier.


What are some of your musical highlights?

My local act’s always did well, we got some attention some offer’s but nothing to write home about or enough
to be able to tour and survive. The biggest accolade I ever accomplished musically is the 2 years I spent
travelling the world as the full time drummer for I Declare War. Just in the first year I toured the entire U.S.
Went all over Europe and played at least 100+ shows. It was a great thing I paid all my bills and made great money
touring which made it possible to be in a band full time and keep the lifestyle I was accustomed to.


Where can we hear/watch your works?

I shot multiple music video’s while I was in I Declare War and this is by far one of my favourite live videos we shot.
This video was filmed while we were in Belarus co-headlining all over Europe with Within the Ruins.

I have a Soundcloud page that I post all of my mix’s I have worked on and some stuff I write and play around
with myself.

Also You can find my new project “Atlas” at this link. We are launching this summer with a full Ep that combines
multiple genres and is vastly different then anything anyone has ever heard me do.

I also love doing drum covers and post from time to time on my Youtube channel

What kind of musical tools do you use?


I recently just did a massive upgrade to my entire rig to final track this new “Atlas” Ep and the results alone
were well worth the investment.

  • Gear List:
    Pro Tools 12
    Digi Rack 003
    Saffire Pro 40
    Black Lion Audio B12a Preamp
    Black Lion Audio B173 Preamp
    Krk Rokit monitors
    Jackson Rr3 with Bareknuckle Juggernaught pickups
    Alesis dm10 Studio pro mesh Ekit
    Shure Beta 52a
    Shure Sm 57
    Sennheiser e604 x4
    Audio Technica at4040 x2
    Shure Sm7bSoftware:
    Jst products
    Waves Plugins
    Steven Slate platinum 4
    Fabfilter Plugins
    Mc Dsp Plugins
    Slate Digital Plugins
  • Live Gear:
    Mac pro

    Saffire pro 40

    5 direct box’s

    Alesis dm10 trigger module

    Roland Triggers

    Shure In Ear Monitors

    Pearl Masters Shells

    20×20 Kick Drum

    12×10 Rack Tom

    14×12 Floor Tom

    13.5×6.5 Snare

    Impression Cymbals

    21 ride

    19 china

    20 crash

    19 crash

    14 china

  • 13 hats
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