Artist Spotlight: Donarhall

Artist Spotlight: Donarhall

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Who are you and what do you do?

I am Gnev. The founder and only member of Donarhall. I am a musician and I basically do black/pagan metal and some ambient.

What is your musical journey, where and when did you start and how did you end up?

I started recording music over 10 years ago. My main emphasis was instrumental music, because in my opinion it delivers the atmosphere, which music should deliver, without distracting concentration through words.

In 2016 I brought Donarhall to life. It started pretty raw and I released „Misanthrope“ in February 2017. This album gave me the possibility to put my antipathy to mankind in a musical context. After a while it was released by Wolfmond Production in a very limited edition.

I kept recording new material and by May the 4th I had already finished my second full length album „Asgardsvegr“ which will also be released by Wolfmond Production soon.

Where you are today?

The first big thing is recording new material for the next Donarhall release. But I also have other projects. One of them is a great collaboration with my Ecuadorian friend and vocalist Morto Malduchryst Funus, who also appears in bands like Morto and Inhottavuus (just to name a few). This full length album is almost finished and would be somewhere between atmospheric black metal and DSBM. I recorded the music and Funus wrote the lyrics and recorded vocals.
Also there is another project with Funus, which is raw black metal and we will soon release a EP, where again I do the music and Funus does all lyrics and vocals.

Besides that I am running other projects, where I do all the stuff including vocals. So there is much, much more stuff to come in the future, beside Donarhall.

You have released 2 albums, that used KVLT Drums. It’s awesome enough, but to make it clear: You have released 2 albums in under 6 months! How is it possible? Where do you get your ideas?

I’m full of ideas. Every moment in my life gives me inspirations, which I put in my music. The positive and the negative ones. The latter more so.

Where can we hear/watch your works?

As soon as I release new stuff, I announce it on my Facebook page. All my work will appear under „Misanthropic Recordings“, which is not an official record label, but more a collection of my work. More information will follow on my Facebook page soon.
Digital albums and official CDs (soon) can be ordered on my bandcamp profile:
Also you can get the CDs in the Wolfmond Production webshop:
On my YouTube channel I will release all music I record, along with trailers and teasers:

Do you have any funny stories from the music scene?

Not really, because I am not a really big part of the music scene. Although I am always interested in collaborative projects, I like to play and record on my own.

What kind of musical tools do you use?

I use a Ibanez guitar, which I bought about 12 years ago. Kvlt Drums is a really important drum library, because I never saw something more suitable for my needs before and I am really thankful you guys created this masterpiece. My bass is a cheap 6-string-model I bought many years ago. Mixing is done really quick and no mastering is done at all. Also I don’t use many effects for my guitars. I work really intuitively.
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