Get your Music mixed by Ron

Get your Music mixed by Ron

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Got a kickass song recorded but the mix just doesn’t seem to come together?!
You sent a song to another engineer but he never got back to you?

Have Ron D. Rock mix it for you!

Metal/rock has always been our forte, but we also do pop/rock/country!
We offer a free 1st revision, simply because we believe that you don’t want to go to anyone else after you hear our mix.
Feel free to get in touch

Our current rates (USD):
$200 – Song
$500 – EP (3-5 songs)
$800 – Maxi EP (6-8 songs)
$1000 – LP (+8 songs)


Modern Metal Mix:

Progressive Metal Mix:

Metal Mix:

Progressive Rock Mix:

Reggae Pop Mix:

Emo Rock Mix:

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