Coffee Break Club: Hertz Wieslawski Bros

Coffee Break Club: Hertz Wieslawski Bros

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Slawek & Wojtek Wieslawski are a Polish metal production duo who have worked with artists such as Behemoth, Decapitated, Vader, Hour of Penance, Hate and many more. They work out of their Hertz Recording Studio in Bialystok, Poland. We spoke about the pros and cons of working as a team, what got them started, how recording has become more handy, and much more!

1. What was the thing that got you into Music Production?
At the beginning we had a band and the problem was with rehearsal room. So we decided to rent basement and adopt it for rehearsals. Later was idea to record ours rehearsals – so we started to collect equipment….. and more equipment…. thats almost never ending story. It was in NY. Then we decide to come back to Poland. The beginning in Poland was really difficult – nobody wants to record with you when you are new. We started to record local bands. If one band is pleased it will always bring you new customers. It works with similar fashion in all business.

2. What’s your stance on the digital vs analog battle? 
It’s not a battle –  I think. We love analog gear, how it sounds, how it saturates the signal, but on the other hand, digital domain makes some stuff really convenient. If you can make some process faster and easier why not. So we like to use both of them. For me the most important is how it sounds in the end – if everything is great no matter if it was digital or analog.

3. Do you think one day software, emulation-hardware etc will surpass the real thing?
I don’t know ….. in some equipment it’s possible and right now in A/B comparison they work great. In other hand in some areas the digital domain is far, far away from original analog stuff.

4. How do you see the current Music Production scene? The pros the cons, what we might be missing/what we could improve?
I think in last years lot of things have changed. The whole music business is bit different because of internet. Less cd’s, more mp3  the homerecording stuff…. You don’t need a label to release the songs. Now bands can choose studio from different countries and send the tracks for overall production – which is also good. I think that whole business is closer to the listener than ever.

5. What’s the latest piece of gear (hardware/software) that made you go bananas?
Gyrratec tube passive eq:)

6. Let’s say we could get the brightest of the brightest and smartest of the smartest to come up with a piece of gear (software/hardware) and it could eliminate one annoying thing, what would it be (could be audio or anything, physically impossible or possible)?
 I really would like to have equipment with 4 knobs: magic, dynamic, air and power.

7. 7. If you could give one piece of advice to a young starting home-studio producer, what would it be?
For us the best decision was to start doing what was our passion. If you like something you must put your everything on the line. If somebody thinks that studio is a great business he should not start it, only do it if it’s your true passion. My opinion if you really love something and you try all the time to do the best you will win (even if not you still do it what you love 🙂 Sometimes it’s matter of time, luck…

8. Working as a pair, how easy was it for you to find the balance where you both find the strong areas without interfering too much? Is that one of you dials the drums and the other one guitars or how do you split the workflow? Also would you recommend solo engineers to partner up with another engineer?
It’s not easy to work with another sound engineer. Sometimes one is really annoying .. haha Seriolusly, with Slawek we are brothers, so it’s easier to talk really honest what sounds good or bad where is the problem and how to fix it. We have a different taste and overall feeling about the music but we try to find the balance between two visions – some kind of compromise. And it works. Sometimes when you work really long on one project it’s easy to lost the distance -second honest opinion always helps. I think it’s easier with second person.

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