Rant: Abbz (Diamond Head)

Rant: Abbz (Diamond Head)

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(c) Photo by Lorenzo Guerreri

What’s your earliest musical memory?

Despite the best efforts of my parents playing Russ Conway records (English pianist) and Sacha Distel songs my first real introduction to ‘rock music’ was when a family friend had a tape cassette player and headphones and he played me ‘The Pusher’ by Steppenwolf when I was maybe six or seven years old, what intrigued me more than anything was the part where a sound on the song pans from left to right , wow that’s amazing I thought lol

What was the first record you got/bought?

That’s easy my first LP was Slade (local heroes to us midlanders) Old new borrowed and blue

What is your favourite listening medium and why?

I feel music has become less of an event these days with mp3/you tube spotify etc, more like backgroung noise, sort of mental chewing gum that can be skipped in a heartbeat if you want and is fed straight into your skull by those little ear plugs, I much prefer the ‘event’ of putting vinyl onto a turntable hearing the clicks and noise and having some air between the speakers and my ears so the whole room has an effect.

One album you’d like to hear re-recorded/mixed/mastered/done differently?

I think a body of work like an album when or wherever it was done is a statement at that particular time and place, messing with it because it can be ‘bettered’ isn’t something I think about, The Beatles were originally mixed in mono and adding stereo to those early recordings to me doesn’t add to the charm, you wouldn’t say re-do the Mona Lisa now would you?

How much do you listen to your own records?

When we decide to add a new song to the live set that I’ve completely forgot ha ha and thats about it

Is there a genre/thing that you wish would see a second coming? Is there a combination of sounds/styles you’d like to hear that hasn’t been done yet?

That’s a hard question, I’m sure there’s a Tibetan Tingsha player somewhere who, as we speak is honing his jazz/folk/celtic mexican ideas on a computer just waiting to be discovered. Apart from that I have no ideas sorry

How do you feel about the current state of music production?

I have two opposing views on this subject, on one hand recording has become so accessible, anyone can have a studio at home with pro tools/ cubase etc and a laptop that making music of great quality is only the instruction manual away, which is great once you’ve read the instructions a couple of times (well maybe more than twice)

The flip side of the coin is the ease at which ‘not so talented people ‘ can, lets say help themselves with autotune and other additives. Back in the day did people like Freddy Mercury have that? he just had the talent, the cream always rose to the top but these days it can sometimes, not all the time, have a little help.

What do you think will be the listening medium/environment in let’s say 10 years from now? Do you think digital will reign supreme or do you think there’ll be a physical medium that will catch up?

Hand on heart I can’t really see digital giving up its crown without a fight, its so easy and quick, which these days seems to be part of everyone’s culture. If, twenty years ago you’d have said you can pretty much run your life from your phone you would have had a lot of raised eyebrows, but that’s how its evolved, who knows where we’ll end up!

Any hot new bands out there we should check out?

We met a band called Red Sun Rising at this years Rocklahoma, really nice bunch of guys, I checked them out when we got home and really like what they are doing, I also like Karnivool at the moment as well.


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