Rant: Luke Jaeger (Sleep Terror)

Rant: Luke Jaeger (Sleep Terror)

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What’s your earliest musical memory?
When my mom used to sing me Raffi’s ‘Apples and Bananas’ as a toddler. She sang me a lot cute children songs like that and encouraged me to sing along and learn the melodies.
What was the first record you got/bought?
Billy Joel’s Greatest Hits
What is your favourite listening medium and why?
Nowadays, I’ve been glued to Spotify via iPhone. I can pull up almost anything on the spot given the mood. I’m always mobile and active, so it’s a huge convenience. My cd collection is physically worn and I never was big on vinyl or anything else really aside from cassettes back in the day.
One album you’d like to hear re-recorded/mixed/mastered/done differently?
That’s a tough one. Maybe Black Sabbath’s ‘Master of Reality’ since it was always my favorite growing up and suffered production-wise, given its age. Maybe remastered/remixed vocals and drums with re-recorded guitars and bass. But sometimes the production and muddiness of those early records gave them that doomy charm to some.
How much do you listen to your own records?
Very rarely if at all. Once in a blue moon, it’s usually the non-metal stuff like the Spanish guitar material or assorted funk projects I’ve played bass in.
Is there a genre/thing that you wish would see a second coming? Is there a combination of sounds/styles you’d like to hear that hasn’t been done yet?
I think funk metal/funk rock always seems to have room for expansion and being back in a certain spotlight if it’s tasteful. Synth R&B would be a genre in particular that could be a great “comeback”, but often this is a thing that is made possible by higher beings in the industry promoting it and fueling that buzz.
How do you feel about the current state of music production/music business?
I think it’s growing in some platforms, and losing power in others. It’s cool that people still buy physical cds and merch and stuff, and many still come out to shows.  The digital option of listening to music has helped both the artist and fans alike. The social media transition from MySpace in its prime to Facebook really sucks still, however. It’s very inaccessible, the connection of bands to their fans on Facebook pages and these other social media entities now. Which means harder to be heard, seen, book shows, get views, etc. like it used to be for underground and unsigned bands.
What do you think will be the listening medium/environment in let’s say 10 years from now? Do you think digital will reign supreme or do you think there’ll be a physical medium that will catch up?
I think digital is here to stay, fortunately or unfortunately. I don’t mind it.
Any hot new bands out there we should check out?

I wish I could say yes, but nothing has caught my ears. However, I’m severely picky and suffer from musical A.D.D. when it comes to listening to newer music or bands of any kind. I try to keep an open mind and try to keep up with what’s out there, nonetheless.


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