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Rant: Ranger

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Photo credit (c) Emma Grönqvist

What’s your earliest musical memory?
Miko: My earliest musical memory is being at the record store with my mum buying a new copy of Beatles’ Sgt. Peppers…
to replace the scratched vinyl. I still have both of them!

What was the first record you got/bought?
Miko: I got Black Sabbath – We Sold Our Soul for Rock ‘n’ Roll for Christmas when i was a kid. It took me a while to dare
and listen to it but i was hooked instantly when the riff of “Black Sabbath” kicked in! I knew right away that this was the music
I had been searching for.

What is your favourite listening medium and why?
Miko: I rarely listen to anything besides vinyl. It’s the big covers, the crackle and everything
about it really that makes it the ultimate format for music.
It feels like there is something missing if I listen to a classic album on CD.

One album you’d like to hear re-recorded/mixed/mastered/done differently?
Miko: The re-recorded/-mixed versions don’t usually have the same magic and feel that made the original album so special.
I see albums as pieces of art and you should stop messing around with them!
However, if i would have the chance to mix/record “Where Evil Dwells” again it would sound totally different.

How much do you listen to your own records?
Miko: I do give them an occasional spin. You have to listen to the recordings so much in the studio
that you need a little break after it is ready but I want to make music that I like to listen to myself.

Is there a genre/thing that you wish would see a second coming? Is there a combination of sounds/styles you’d like to hear that hasn’t been done yet?
Miko: If there is something i would like to hear i will do it myself! So more about that in the future.

How do you feel about the current state of music production/music business?
Miko: The big labels are as rotten as always and it feels that the only people not making money are the musicians.
I hope new bands don’t have to learn it the hard way and won’t sign any piece of toilet paper they are offered.
I feel that because of the declining record sales touring is more and more important these days.
It’s fine by me because gigging is the best thing there is but it also makes the greedy record labels even more careful with their budgets.

What do you think will be the listening medium/environment in let’s say 10 years from now? Do you think digital will reign supreme or do you think there’ll be a physical medium that will catch up?
Miko: It will be vinyl & tape if i have anything to do with it! It seems that there are less pop albums released these days
and there are many artists who release only single songs or music videos.
Heavy Metal on the other hand has always been so album-oriented that I don’t believe that the digital distribution will
affect it as much as it has done to more mainstream genres.

Any hot new bands out there we should check out?
Miko: There are quite a few good bands coming from Finland at the moment,
i would recommend to check out Rapid, Legionnaire, Steel Machine and Chevalier!

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