Rant: Sworn Enemy

Rant: Sworn Enemy

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What’s the thing that got you into music? Memories of first records you got/shows you attended?

Sal: My grandfather and aunt were very musically inclined and played the piano so when I was very young I was into it and took a liking to playing and it graduated to music on the radio. I can remember always singing the songs that were played. My very first record was Duran Duran – Rio lol I was a big fan of the song “Hungry like the wolf”. My first concert was Jackson Browne, my uncle took me when I was real young. It was an awesome experience and I remember telling myself I would love to do that.

How did you get involved in the Hardcore music scene? How was the scene back in the day?

Sal: It started with being a metal head at first and i remember going to a show in the city to see one of my favorite bands at that time, Anthrax and there was a band called the Cro-Mags on the bill. Once I seen them play it was a new beginning for me. I was blown away by them and never looked back! Back in the day the scene was insane every band played to packed houses. It almost seems as you look back at those shows that the lineups were all stacked. Such great bands! 

If your Hometown was a song, what song would it be and why?

Sal: If I had to pick a song for my hometown it’s very self explanatory what it would be. It would be New York New York by Frank Sinatra. The name says it all don’t need to explain why lol

If there’s one thing music can express that other art forms can’t, what would that be?

Sal: I really don’t a definitive answer to this because I’m not versed in other types of art forms so I don’t know how one expresses themselves in them. But I know in music you release your soul on paper or on an instrument when you are writing. It’s a release of ones inner self. 

What is your favourite listening medium and why?

Sal: Lately it’s just been the new sworn enemy record over and over and over. I’m so into it I really can’t believe in my own mind how great of a record it is that I’m so in love with it and it’s only 85 percent done! 

What’s the writing process like for you guys?

Sal: For me personally I like to get the music so i can vibe off of it then I put the lyrics down and we cut the fat off of it as a unit.

One album you’d like to hear re-recorded/mixed/mastered/done differently?

Sal: Classics are classics for that reason but if I could take 1 record and have it done with today’s technology I’d love to hear what the “age of quarrel” by the Cromags would sound like.

Is there a genre/thing that you wish would see a second coming? Is there a combination of sounds/styles you’d like to hear that hasn’t been done yet?

Sal: Every genre has a second coming whether I want it one too or not. Every thing comes back sooner or later in cycles. I really can’t think of any combinations that I’d like to hear but if someone invents a new one I’ll let you know if I like it or not lol

Lifesaving touring tips?

Sal: Always make sure to have your flip flops and baby wipes. Trust me when I tell you this I’ve been on a few tours in my life. 

How do you feel about the current state of music production/music business, and where do you think the music industry as a whole will be in.. let’s say 5-10 years?

Sal: I think the music industry as a whole is a very shady business from what I’ve seen and heard. Well I hope it’s more geared towards helping bands grow like it once was but I know that’s just a dream.

Any hot new bands out there we should check out?

Sal: You would probably know the answer to that better than I would since I don’t really get out to shows as much as i used too. I’m kinda stuck in the past with my musical taste but I have to say I really do like the band Lifeless and you should definitely check them out!


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