5 Essential VST Plugins for Metal that are FREE

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1. PULSE (Lancaster Audio)

Whether you’re rocking with an Amp Sim or with an actual amp, IR’s are the lifeline of recording guitars at home.
Pulse is by far the easiest and the most convenient IR loader and it being Free makes it even better.


There’s good Amp Sims and then there’s GREAT Amp Sims, Vadim’s amp sims are great.
These carefully crafted sims are a perfect match for any metal guitarist.


Reaper’s not our DAW of choice only because of its ease of use or because of its functions but also because its Stock Plugins ROCK!
It comes with every essential tool you could possibly need to make your mixes shine. ReaEQ,ReaComp & ReaVerb alone are enough to
make a professional mix.

4. AMPLE BASS P LITE II (AmpleSound)

Having access to fine-sounding bass isn’t always as easy as people make it seem. Great sounding bass guitars are usually expensive, restringing them is also expensive
but there’s hope. Ample Bass P Lite II is a virtual bass guitar solution to all those who don’t feel like learning or playing the bass, dealing with a bassist, telling the bassist to restring and tune
the bass.. oh or telling the bassist to take a shower. Ample Sound to the rescue! No need to boil anything with this one.

5. ANARCHY DRUMS (It Might Get Loud Productions)

Great.. emphasizing our own plugin on our own blog? Cheesy! Yes we know.
That being said Anarchy Drums is our freebie that was designed for Skate Punk sounds but it can also play some pretty mean Metal tones.
Having separate close channel, overhead and room controls, you can create a perfect mix and a perfect balance for each and every drum.

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  1. Super SIKK freebie, Brothers. Im an old metalhead who appreciates a good drum pack! Although i think this might be the thing to wake up the hip hop scene! Lets find out…

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