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By Homestudio Producers, for Homestudio Producers. Whether it's a songwriting tool, drum library or an interview with a band/producer you like; chances are WE CAN HELP YOU. Here at It Might Get Loud Productions we try our best to cater your songwriting and homestudio needs one library, one plugin and one interview at a time.

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Sale! Emocore Essentials MIDI Pack
Emocore Essentials MIDI Pack
Emocore Essentials offers a glimpse into the sound of mid 2000's Emo/Screamo/Alt Rock. This groove pack offers hard hitting drums, long heavy breakdowns and melodic lighter sections.
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Sale! Melodic Metal Essentials MIDI Pack
Melodic Metal Essentials MIDI Pack
Melodic Metal Essentials offers you a shortcut into the sounds of Melodic Scandinavian Metal. Beats range from solid basic beats, intros, ballady backbeats & various double bass grooves.
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Sale! Rock Anthology MIDI Pack
Rock Anthology MIDI Pack
Rock Anthology packs grooves & fills for All Modern Rock needs. Radio Ready beats & fills recorded in various tempos
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Sale! Street Punk Essentials MIDI Pack
Street Punk Essentials MIDI Pack
This MIDI Pack features the beats of early mid-70s Punk, Ska beats, Ramopunk, Oi Anthem beats and the beats from the Mean Streets of UK. With Street Punk Essentials you can get the ferocity of a thousand soccer hooligans laying down the Millwall bricks.
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Sale! 1989Verb
1989Verb is a VST/AU/AAX 80's Reverb Plugin that includes warm plates, bright, dark, long, short, fast gates, slow gates and much more
"The only reverb that gives me focused, stable and sparkling tail. Sounds like an outboard reverb. The best reverb I have"
-Stefano Morabito, producer (Fleshgod Apocalypse, Decrepit Birth, Hour Of Penance)
$31.00 $24.80 Add to cart
Sale! Doom Metal Essentials MIDI Pack
Doom Metal Essentials MIDI Pack
MIDI pack featuring Doom metal beats.
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Sale! KVLT Drums
KVLT Drums
KVLT DRUMS NOW 50% OFF Check other Spring Sale products here "These drums deliver the exact sound of the classic Norwegian Black Metal days. Perfect start for your new black metal project. Completely unprocessed and ready for music from the cold dark north. They're great!"
-Scott Elliott(Chernobyl Studios)
VST, AU and AAX Plugin 32/64-bit Supported: Windows 7 or MAC OS X 10.9 and higher
$55.80 $24.80 Add to cart
Sale! Black Metal Essentials MIDI Pack
Black Metal Essentials MIDI Pack
Black Metal MIDI Groove Pack
$18.60 $12.40 Add to cart

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