I’m running (insert DAW here) on (insert OS here) will your plugins work with my setup?
Most likely yes, but then again there are certain DAWs & Operating Systems that require extra work and we don’t necessarily have time & resources to make the extra strip of code that they require. You can check our list of compatibility here


My plugin does not work or I don’t like it, can I get a refund?
It’d be virtually impossible to guarantee compatibility on every single DAW & OS, and we certainly don’t have the resources to test out our products on every single available combination, hence the answer no. Secondly since because this is digital media, returning an item wouldn’t just be tricky, it’d be impossible.

We try to include as many audio demos/Youtube videos as possible to give you an overview of a product so you should definitely be able to decide whether you like it or not WAY before clicking the add to cart button.
If there are issues with our plugins our Support team will gladly help you.


What is your licensing/copyright policy?
You buy it, you get to keep it for life. You may install it on as many personal devices as you like. You may also use IMGL software for personal & commercial purposes but you may not resell our plugins as a work of your own. We’d kindly ask you to report all unauthorized download links to us.


I’m a student can I get a discount?
We sell our products at the lowest rate possible, so at this stage we cannot give students a specific discount. This would require you to scan your student ID and e-mail us with a query. So much extra work for you and us, right? Our plugins are cheap anyways, even for a student. We do run sales all year round.


There is an update for your plugin, how do I know it’s available and how do I get it?
Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, etc and you will know. We will also email you (a very good reason to join our mailing list) about available updates. Did I mention they’re free too? Oh yes. They are and always will be.


My computer broke and lost my plugins, can I get them back?
Gosh darnit. Not to worry your download will always be safe & available 24/7 on your personal account page on our site. 


I got more questions about Tech side of things?
Feel free to contact our Support at any time and we’ll get back at you asap.


Why sell plugins so cheap, don’t they like suck if they’re cheap?
We don’t think so. We feel that you shouldn’t have to skip the rent or sell your kids to be able to afford a plugin. We also think that we’ll fight the online piracy the best by keeping our plugins affordable. We’re a small team of devoted audio geeks who take great pride in what we do and we think $49.99 (for example) is a better price for a plugin than $499.99. You’ll probably agree.


How do you feel about online piracy?
It sucks, it’s killing the business, not just ours but everyone’s. If you see illegal download links of our products somewhere, report it and you will be rewarded.


I’m a Youtuber/blogger/journalist etc can I get a free copy for a review?
Please email us at info@itmightgetloud.org with a link to your website/blog/Youtube channel and we’ll discuss more.


I LOVE You Guys, what can I do to help you?
We’re honoured to hear you feel that way, there’s plenty you could do to help us (IN FACT we got a whole list in our office so come on down and we’ll definitely find you something you can help us with), but the best way you can do it is to tell your engineer and audio geek friends about us. Facebook, Twitter etc shares are much appreciated. Heck, sometimes we even give out coupons if you’re super cool.