Sale! KVLT Drums
KVLT Drums
KVLT DRUMS NOW 50% OFF Check other Spring Sale products here "These drums deliver the exact sound of the classic Norwegian Black Metal days. Perfect start for your new black metal project. Completely unprocessed and ready for music from the cold dark north. They're great!"
-Scott Elliott(Chernobyl Studios)
VST, AU and AAX Plugin 32/64-bit Supported: Windows 7 or MAC OS X 10.9 and higher
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Sale! Koji
80's/90's Retro Gaming Keyboard VST/AU/AAX Plugin for WIN/MAC "Koji has been an invaluable addition to my composition palette for retro 16Bit chiptunes. Koji takes all of the work out of custom sampling sounds in the 16bit style. Every instrument sounds great out-of-the-box!"
-Steven Melin(Video Game Music Composer)
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Sale! Assault Drums
Assault Drums
Assault Drums features the sound of 80's/90's Heavy Metal/Rock. Rototoms, 4 Racktoms, 3 Full Drum Kits, 5 Snares, 11 Kit Presets and much more
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Sale! Dieswitch Drums
Dieswitch Drums
Dieswitch Drums is a small yet punchy drumkit that packs the punch of the early 2000's New England Metalcore drums. VST, AU & AAX -formats!
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Sale! RIOT Drums
RIOT Drums
Riot Drums is a fully sampled drum kit that was inspired by classic 90’s Hardcore albums. - Comes with HC Essentials MIDIGROOVES(90 beats & over 30 fills)! - Over 2700 unique drum samples. - 64bit VST/AU/AAX, WIN/MAC - Requires 64bit Operating System
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