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AllMighty MIDI Pack

40.00 (49.60 incl. VAT)

All 6 midipacks produced by IMGL!

1 x Black Metal Essentials MIDI Pack

Black Metal MIDI Groove Pack

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1 x HC Essentials Drum MIDI Pack

2-Steps, Thrash Beats, Beatdowns, Breakdowns, Buildups... HC Essentials has it all. Make your songwriting easier. - 90+ Unique Beats - 30+ Fills - Follows GM Midi mapping

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1 x Death Metal Essentials MIDI Pack

Blast Beats, Carpet Rolls, fills.. this is Death Metal Essentials.

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1 x Deathcore Essentials MIDI Pack

MIDI Groove package including all the essential Deathcore beats and fills. Blastbeats, breakdowns, doublebass beats, and plenty of fills.

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1 x Skate Punk Essentials MIDI Groove Pack

Skate Punk Essentials MIDI Groove Pack includes all the essentials drum grooves and fills that 1990’s California Skate Punk was built on. There’s fast beats, slower backbeats, Ramo beats, intros and plenty of fills. All Drums were recorded at various BPM’s.

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1 x Djentastic Drum MIDI Pack

30+ Unique Groove Sections (including beats and fills)

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Includes all 6 MIDI packs produced by It Might Get Loud Productions!

– Over 560 Beats
– Over 180 Fills

**Uses GM Midi mapping

This MIDI package only contains the MIDI files, no sampler included.

System Requirements:
-How to use MIDI (What is MIDI?)
-Drum Sampler (such as KVLT Drums, Riot Drums, EzDrummer, Steven Slate Drums etc)