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Assault Drums features the sound of 1980's Heavy Metal & Rock. From the basketball kicks, to dry toms, to smooth cymbals, Assault Drums has it all. Multiple routing options and advanced humanizing scripts give each and every drum a natural feel so you can dial tones from Assault Drums as if you were processing real acoustic drums. Assault Drums also comes with "one-shot" feature so you can enhance your drumming experience with your favourite drum samples. Assault Drums comes with 11 Kit Presets which will cover a wide range of classic 80's Metal & Rock sounds. Features: - Classic Early 80's NWOBHM/West Coast Speed Metal Sound - 3 Full Drum Kits, Multiple Snares, Lots of Toms (Set of Rototoms and up to 5 Toms, that's 8 toms in a single kit!!) - 11 Kit Presets - Multiple Routing and MIDI Mapping Options - Add your own one shot samples VST/AU/AAX Compatible Drums Engineered & Mixed by: Ron D. Rock @ O'Hands Garage Studio, Windsor, ON Drums played by: Cameron Hand Presets Created by: Ron D. Rock @ Soundstakk Studios, Detroit Total File Size 1.33 GB
  1. Rust in Justice Kit Demo Soundstakk 0:21
  2. 1985 Studio Guru (Processed) Soundstakk 2:04
  3. NWOBHM Full Mix Demo Soundstakk 1:07
  4. Late 80's Thrash (FULL MIX) Soundstakk 2:23
  5. 90's Death Metal (FULL MIX) Soundstakk 1:48
  6. Air Tonight Fill Soundstakk 0:04
  7. Anthem Rock Full Mix Demo Toni Kauko 0:36
  8. Pantego Kit Demo Soundstakk 0:40
  9. Damsels and Dungeons Barley Fist 3:56
  10. Lower East Side 1988 Kit Demo Soundstakk 0:31
  11. Eagles Dare Kit Demo Soundstakk 0:24
  12. Lillehammer 1986 Kit Demo Soundstakk 0:47
  13. Montreal 1995 Kit Demo Soundstakk 0:32
  14. Default Kit Demo Soundstakk 0:39
  15. AOR Kit Demo Soundstakk 0:33
  16. Coda Kit Demo Soundstakk 0:42
  17. Disco Inferno Kit Demo Soundstakk 0:41
  18. Trve Kvtl Pvnk Kit Demo Soundstakk 0:22
  19. Grindcore (FULL MIX) Soundstakk 1:06

Tech Specs

System Requirements:
– 64-bit System
– Dual-core CPU
– 4 GB of RAM
– a Soundcard
– Supported Audio Editing Software (Check <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>here</a>)
– MAC OS X 10.9 or newer
– WINDOWS 7 or newer

Assault Drums sampler plugin is in VST, AU &amp; AAX Format, for 64-bit systems. The plugin expects a midi input, and processes the midinotes to corresponding drum samples.