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  1. Drums Only Soundstakk 2:56
  2. El Cannibal (FULL MIX) Soundstakk 1:08
  3. Drums Only V2 Soundstakk 1:22
  4. Death Metal Essentials Demo (FULL MIX) Soundstakk 2:22

Blast beats, more blast beats, fills, carpet rolls, 4/4 beats, 3/4 beats…
Death Metal Essentials has it all. Make your songwriting easier. Package contains MIDI Grooves & fills recorded with various tempos and which can be used with any compatible drum sampler.150+ Unique Beats
45+ Fills

*All Drums played by Ron D. Rock @ Soundstakk Studios, Detroit

**Uses GM Midi mapping

This MIDI package only contains the MIDI files, no sampler included.

System Requirements:
-How to use MIDI (What is MIDI?)
-Drum Sampler (such as KVLT Drums, Riot Drums, EzDrummer, Steven Slate Drums etc)