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  1. Drums Only Soundstakk 1:47
  2. HC Essentials Demo (FULL MIX) Soundstakk 1:52

2 Steps, Thrash Beats, Beatdowns, Breakdowns, Buildups…
HC Essentials has it all. Make your songwriting easier. Package contains MIDI Grooves, fills etc. to be used with any compatible drum sampler software(Pretty much all of them). Get that HC Drummer to your tracks you’ve been dreaming of!

90+ Unique Beats
30+ Fills

*All Drums played by Ron D. Rock @ Soundstakk Studios, Detroit

**Uses GM Midi mapping

This MIDI package only contains the MIDI files, no sampler included.

System Requirements:
-How to use MIDI (What is MIDI?)
-Drum Sampler (such as KVLT Drums, Riot Drums, EzDrummer, Steven Slate Drums etc)