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  1. Koji Theme Soundstakk 1:36
  2. Blacksmith Jack Barton 1:20
  3. Hero Music Jack Barton 0:33
  4. Dream For Tomorrow Jack Barton 0:51
  5. New Worlds Jack Barton 2:26
  6. Koji Kaper Steven Melin 1:49
  7. 94 Kojis Steven Melin 1:19
  8. Ich Ruf Zu Dir (Classical Demo) Soundstakk 1:01
  9. Miami 2 AM Soundstakk 3:22
1990: You had to blow into gaming cartridges, you probably had a mullet, and you first musical touch was a keyboard that played Wake Me Up Before You Go Go. Well that keyboard is back.

Koji brings you the sound of 80’s Retro Gaming. Inspired by a keyboard that was used for numerous video games in the 80’s and 90’s. Koji also brings an extended scale and modulation/pitch control that wasn’t possible in the original unit.

Relive your childhood, relive the gaming moments, unleash Koji.

-57 Classic Sounds (including pads, leads, percussion, strings, brass)
-Extended range of playable notes
-Pitch & Sustain control

Download size: ~100 Mb
VST/AU/AAX Compatible

Tech Specs

System Requirements:
– 64-bit System
– Dual-core CPU
– 4 GB of RAM
– a Soundcard
– Supported Audio Editing Software (Check here)
– MAC OS X 10.9 or newer
– WINDOWS 7 or newer

Koji is in VST, VST3, AU & AAX Format, for 64-bit systems. The plugin expects a midi input, and processes the midinotes to corresponding audible samples.