If you’ve just bought our plugin, or considering doing so, here’s some resources of our plugin’s usage, requirements and installation. And if something goes wrong, our contact information and we’ll help you to solve the issues!

Checkout Process describes how our webshop works. TL;DR: It’s fast and you get your product instantly after the payment.

How to install our plugins? If you’ve bought our plugin and are having a hard time figuring out how to actually get it to working, here’s info how to place the files and start using them. Each audio editor is specific how it’s done, but these guidelines will get you started in no time!

System Requirements lists the common audio software and operating systems that has been tested to work with our plugins. The list is not exclusive, most audio editors will work, but shows some of the most used ones. It also consists some hardware information.

FAQ includes some general questions and answers about us, the products and all things related.

About Us tells where do we come from.

Contact us if you have any questions!



And the last, some youtube guides of our products to get you started: